It’s Time to Unleash Your Leadership Potential

Using InnerShift’s personality system, our clients successfully transform managers into leaders and co-workers into teams.

Effective leadership requires effective communication

We know how exhausting it is to motivate and bring out the best in people. InnerShift’s personality system will teach you how to speak the in-born personality language of those you work with and those that report to you.

When you don’t connect with your team, you’ll experience:

  • More time babysitting conflicts
  • Unhappy & unfulfilled employees
  • Lack of trust from direct reports
  • Employee gossip regarding your leadership

Create a more productive & friendly workplace

Everyone expects me to be a great leader, but I’ve never been trained to be one.

Receive training to develop your communication & leadership skills.

The flaws of managers are exposed more than anyone else, so if you lack the skills, everyone will see it.

Ultimately, our goal is to free you of the fear and stress that comes from the lack of leadership skills. When you understand your personality and the personalities on your team, a new confidence will emerge.

I want to motivate others, but I just can’t figure some people out. They’re so different from me.

Build rapport by appreciating each team member’s unique perspective.

We’ll teach you how to speak to every communication style on your team, so that working with difficult or stubborn personalities will get easier.

You may work with your team for years to come – don’t let all that valuable time go to waste dealing with frustration and petty misunderstandings.

I don’t trust personality assessments. They don’t give accurate data and I can’t figure out how to apply the results in a meaningful way.

We don’t trust self-assessment tests either because they are often inaccurate. We recognize physical manifestations of your DNA to identify personalities.

Using Paulos Personality Typology, we build a map of each person‘s communication styles, motivations, and core strengths & weaknesses.

Self-assessments lead to bad data, and bad data leads to poor staffing decisions.

Great leaders and teams must first understand themselves

Personality DNA

By simply studying your face and body movement, we can reveal more about you than any quiz: no bias or self-concept — just the real you.

Path to Total Confidence

Once you truly know yourself, you’ll be able to set goals and take action that capitalizes on your strengths and challenges your weaknesses.

Best Possible Self

We help you define your limitations so that you can leap beyond them and experience self-actualization.

Don’t be the boss that your team secretly dislikes.
It’s time to take your career to the next level.

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What do our amazing clients have to say?

Alex pegged every single one of us with his system...

And it opened this huge “aha” for me that you really do have to work in accordance with who you are and who you are created to be. Many people have asked me, ‘What’s the best thing about running your business?’ and I always say, ‘I feel more me than I’ve ever felt before."

— Anna Powers
Business Coach & Copywriter at

[Alex's system] has deeply impacted me, more than ever before.

On such a deeper level, and not when it just comes to my business. It really changed me on a personal level. I felt like I had a temporary identity crisis. And Alex came in and really changed how we thought about ourselves and who we think we are.”

— Tiffany Lee Bymaster
Brand Strategist & Confidence Coach at

Now I can show up to my business and to my clients in a much more authentic way.

I can be around much longer because I’m aware of the stress I was creating for myself. I was trying to be someone I’m not. That perception of myself has changed – big time, and now I realize who I truly am. I can show up authentically now – truly authentically."

— Rachel Perry
Podcaster & Business Coach at

Alex has cracked the code...

His system is absolutely perfect for building highly cohesive teams and uncovering employee's strengths and weaknesses with his scientific-intuitive approach to understanding people. He's given me a skill set that's changed my life both personally and professionally.

— V.R. White
Chief Retail Officer

Great leaders & influencers know how to apply the psychology of personalities

Personality psychology can be learned and implemented quickly

These strategies will allow you to motivate and inspire your team consistently

Employees will respect you and you’ll gain their trust more easily

YOU know you… or do you?

Most people’s self-perception is clouded by bias.

They identify as the person they’d like to be or how they want to be perceived.

Unfortunately, this makes self-assessments highly inaccurate.

At InnerShift, we understand this disconnect and want to show YOU how your self-concept differs from who you really are.

It’s time to see if YOUR self-perception is truly you!