Do you remember your last great road trip?

Before you turned on the perfect playlist, checked your tire pressure, or purchased your favorite snacks, you already knew your starting point and destination. Even if you took a detour, your GPS can usually put you back on course.

Your life is very much like that roadtrip.

You might think you know what you want out of life. Maybe you just want to become a better version of yourself. You know, fitter, happier, more productive…

But what does that actually look like? How can you be a better version of yourself if you don’t know yourself to begin with?

The problem is, most of us struggle to understand ourselves well enough to identify that starting point or destination in the first place.

That’s where InnerShift personality assessments come in.

Our unique approach helps you understand yourself AND the people around you so that you can resolve the differences that keep you from connecting.

InnerShift assessments answer important questions such as:

  • What are the core personality traits that define me?
  • What does true happiness and fulfillment actually look like for me?
  • What strengths can I build on and what weaknesses can I improve?
  • How can I speak to all of my customers’ personalities?
  • How can I become a respected leader that motivates and builds others?
  • How can I understand and connect with my partner on a deeper level?
  • Which kind of careers are perfectly suited for me, and which would feel like torture?

What sets InnerShift apart from other methodologies?

Unlike other personality typing systems, InnerShift’s fast and accurate approach removes the need for self-assessment tests and the inherent confusion they cause.

In a nutshell, our one-of-a-kind approach will reveal your…

Personality DNA

By simply studying your face and body movement, we can reveal more about you than any quiz: no bias or self-concept — just the real you.

Path to Total Confidence

Once you truly know yourself, you’ll be able to set goals and take action that capitalizes on your strengths and challenges your weaknesses.

Best Possible Self

We help you define your limitations so that you can leap beyond them and experience self-actualization.

Don’t rely on biased self-assessments

In fact, you may have noticed a problem with our free quiz (and with personality quizzes in general): your results can only be as accurate as the responses you provide. Because of biases and inaccuracies related to self-perception, most of us struggle to give accurate responses on these types of quizzes.

“Nothing limits you like not knowing your limitations.”

~ Tom Hayes

When we rely on self-assessments, we rely on pre-existing self-concepts, rather than on accurate personality data. 

So how do we cut through these biases? How do we get an accurate assessment of our own behaviors and consistent personality traits?

The answer is as plain as the nose on your face. 

It turns out that all the traits that make up “you” – from your physical features to the mental processes that help create your psychological experience – are deeply intertwined within your genetics.

This means that your genes control your development and determine how you look and how you think.

Since there are intricate connections between your appearance and your behaviors, Paulos Recognition Typology uses these patterns to reveal specific personality traits within your DNA.

Personality Tests Are Flawed and Inaccurate

Most people are comfortable with personality self-assessments because they confirm beliefs you already have about yourself. You may think they are good enough or get close enough, but our data below disagrees!

Self-assessment tests simply can’t be the standard to type your personality. Read an independent article from Psychology Today to learn why:

The following results show how accurate a sample of our clients were in self-assessing their own personality using our quiz, versus being typed using Paulos Personality Typology:


Assessed 0 of 5 traits correctly 1%


Assessed 1 of 5 traits correctly 7%


Assessed 2 of 5 traits correctly 29%


Assessed 3 of 5 traits correctly 35%


Assessed 4 of 5 traits correctly 22%


Assessed 5 of 5 traits correctly 6%

YOU know you… or do you?

Most people’s self-perception is clouded by bias.

They identify as the person they’d like to be or how they want to be perceived.

Unfortunately, this makes self-assessments highly inaccurate.

At InnerShift, we understand this disconnect and want to show YOU how your self-concept differs from who you really are.

It’s time to see if YOUR self-perception is truly you!

Are you ready to embark on your journey of SELF-DISCOVERY?