Why not market to ALL personality types?

InnerShift’s personality system helps entrepreneurs reach ALL potential customers. People listen when you speak their language.

Communication breakdowns caused by different personality types clashing at work

Don’t let communication breakdowns hold you back

We know how frustrating it can be to have your marketing plan connect with some and miss others. Let us show you how to appeal to all personalities and make them your customers.

Not knowing all the ways each personality makes decisions will lead to:

  • Being overlooked by failing to package your message to everyone
  • Not connecting to internal needs in your webinars & email campaigns
  • Events that fall flat with dissatisfied customers & low attendance
  • Confusion in your marketing that leaves unresolved concerns

Show us your marketing plan and we’ll show you which personalities you’re excluding 

Different personalities need different experiences before they will commit

Each personality type communicates using their own language style

Each personality type favors a unique pace and path to success

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Check out some of our incredible success stories…

Alex pegged every single one of us with his system...

And it opened this huge “aha” for me that you really do have to work in accordance with who you are and who you are created to be. Many people have asked me, ‘What’s the best thing about running your business?’ and I always say, ‘I feel more me than I’ve ever felt before."

— Anna Powers
Business Coach & Copywriter at SaraAnnaPowers.com

[Alex's system] has deeply impacted me, more than ever before.

On such a deeper level, and not when it just comes to my business. It really changed me on a personal level. I felt like I had a temporary identity crisis. And Alex came in and really changed how we thought about ourselves and who we think we are.”

— Tiffany Lee Bymaster
Brand Strategist & Confidence Coach at CoachGlitter.com

Now I can show up to my business and to my clients in a much more authentic way.

I can be around much longer because I’m aware of the stress I was creating for myself. I was trying to be someone I’m not. That perception of myself has changed – big time, and now I realize who I truly am. I can show up authentically now – truly authentically."

— Rachel Perry
Podcaster & Business Coach at rachelaperry.com

Alex has cracked the code...

His system is absolutely perfect for building highly cohesive teams and uncovering employee's strengths and weaknesses with his scientific-intuitive approach to understanding people. He's given me a skill set that's changed my life both personally and professionally.

— V.R. White
Chief Retail Officer

Market to personalities and watch your sales increase!

Gain the edge on your competition by using Personality Marketing

Without it you’ll never reach a large segment of the population

Personality Marketing is here to stay. Start using it for YOUR business today!

YOU know you… or do you?

Most people’s self-perception is clouded by bias.

They identify as the person they’d like to be or how they want to be perceived.

Unfortunately, this makes self-assessments highly inaccurate.

At InnerShift, we understand this disconnect and want to show YOU how your self-concept differs from who you really are.

It’s time to see if YOUR self-perception is truly you!

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