Why We Recommend These Books

We know there are other experts out there with more content to help you reach your goal of self-actualization and ultimately, self-transcendence. Some of you want to know how to increase your business or be better entrepreneurs. Simply put, there are old ways of going about it that simply DON’T MAKE THE CUT.

Thanks to the growing expert industry, experts who were once in your shoes have figured out new and better ways to make your business boom. The books we suggest contain the latest and best ways to grow your business and we share them because they helped us grow ours.

Some of you want to better your relationships, learn more about personalities, or learn how to read people and we have books for you too! The authors listed here have already done all the work so that you don’t have to. We thoughtfully recommend these insightful additions to your personal library and believe they will add the most value to your journey. Enjoy!

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Reading People: